we publish technical ideas to make them "state of the art" to avoid their patentship and so patent trolling. static page content refers to some of the more important own works, rudimentary mindlets and any shit as well. since i am lazy and less coordinated, nobody knows which one of my always florishing enthusiastic intentions will ever be fully realized by myself and/or alii. but everyones support, inspiredness and own work is welcome. for this purpose code and engineering stuff will be made available at monetary donations to 19Uw1nDjKcGCd6aQpcxVcwy4fBEPfFUor8 or

ideas and activities


  • καον (αμφιβ) - some kind of bicycle. a mandatory features list is here. some previews here, hereand here. furthermore surrounding paperized brainjizz related to it here (a lot of it might be crap or unreadable or at least not worth publishing but somebody bugged me).
  • ewp - energy and water supply combination in a usual wind energy converter [...] abstract/imagine: a usual wind turbine with some extra tower space that also serves as a well exploitation engine as well as a pumped storage power plant
  • boundless walls - painting bot [...]
  • hellspider - a construction bot for composites [...] abstract/imagine: a fabbing/3d-printer tool that is enables everyone to manufacture very stable commonly used products like cases for netbooks, cell phones, tablets, or even furniture, car bodies, sleds etc. using various rovings, fabrics and resins to build on-the-fly-composites using multiple techniques. some of the weaving algorithms are being developed right at *this* moment. probably.
  • κετοσ - a fully electric powered lightweight long distance research and reconnaissance drone with bord tools [...]
    • Ziz - abstract/imagine: ornithopter primary made of actuator-connected and carbon/aramid-fabric stabilized solar panels w/ additional glide functional tubular impeller thrusters in a halbach array bearing [...] (pending / less documented)
  • ...


open source projects


trivial stuff

in progess/planning

  • ean - evolving agents network [...]
  • ga7 - a modular GA -engine written in python [...]
  • rtsh - scriptable avr interface system [...] [1]
  • ...

links and references


  • working peripheral on the splintercore web application using Ada Web Server and postgreSQL then redirecting to a secondary domain

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